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PostSubject: SwordsMan   Sat Jan 19, 2008 3:24 pm

The Art of the Sword, once banished for its role in numerous bloody conflicts, has been reinstated in the schools’ curriculum. However, only applicants who tested highly in both strength and agility can apply to this course.

Students in this course must develop not only their strength but their dexterity as well, in order to perform the various, intricate, high-stakes swordplay demanded by their discipline, where the slightest error in judgment can have dire consequences not only for their opponents, but for themselves as well.

By honing their dexterity, some Swordsmen choose to minor in Blades, using these lighter, shorter weapons to create a higher defense radius for themselves, where they can thrust and parry with ease and flow, even as they sacrifice low base damage.

Some Swordsmen, on the other hand, choose to minor in Broadswords. This minor limits their defensive abilities but also multiplies their offensive output, so that when an opponent does meet the end of their blade, the blow is swift, clean, and most of all, final.

Either minor is equally formidable in higher grade levels but be warned—for those who major in Swordsmanship, theirs is a life lived not only on the edge but by the edge.

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