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 Qiqong(shaman) Info.

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Qiqong(shaman) Info. Shaman01
Qigong (shaman)

Female student who use wands or spears
to attack are Shamans Accomplished Shamans are students who can sway
the fate of entire battles with a myriad of skills and abilities.
Shamans can minor in Spears, which gives them heightened attack power
but prevents them from using spells. To cast spells, Shamans need to
minor in Wands, which allows them to cast powerful healing and
buffering spells in support of fellow students. Their are also shamans
that opt to use their powers solely on attack and deal out the highest
damage to the most numerous of enemies at a time. Granted, they are
among the slowest attackers as well as most feeble in the game. It
always helps to have Shamans in your class because, as you will realize
soon enough during your tenure on campus, the balance of your existence
may depend on them. Healing shamans "ECs" are the games nurses. They
offer the most buffs of any class and are the only ones that can heal.
ECs have few attack spells which make them hard to doing quests on
their own, however, people are more than willing to help as ECs are the
most important character in the game. Spear Qigong deal out high damage
the fastest of any class in the game. Granted, they start out with the
lowest pow rating in the game. Through training, over time they can be
the most feared players in the game. They fail in that they still have
the lowest pow rating among pow type classes, the lowest defense, and a
high but then useless intelligence stat. Spear qigong are rarely seen
in the low levels but often people play them on the upper levels by
playing an EC then switching to a power qigong later.
Qiqong(shaman) Info. Shamanstats
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Qiqong(shaman) Info.
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